Elden Ring Weapon Rank: All weapons ranked (2023)

old ringis the culmination of every previously released Soulsborne game and features most of the core elements that FromSoftware has designed over the last decade. Considering how intense Elden Ring's open world can be, you certainly can't stop using this powerful weapon.From katanas to whetstone knives, double-edged swords, glowstone staves and whatnot, Elden Ring is packed with a huge collection of weapons. So here's a definiteElden Ring weapon tier listto help you in the best weapons saga! Also, you might like ourElden Ring Item List.

Elden Ring weapon tier list

Elden Ring Tier List Table
Level SBlack Knife, Crystal Knife, Moon Veil,rivers of blood, Uchigatana, Scepter of the Omniscient, Cranial Vessel Candelabrum, Jaw of the Fallingstar Beast, Black Gargoyle Blade, Arbiter's Girandole, Death Ritual Spear, Cross-Naginata, Carian Glintstone Staff, Astrologer's Staff, Academy Glintstone Staff

Glintstone Lusat Staff, Rotten Crystal Staff, Golden Halberd, Winged Scythe, Gargoyle's Black Halberd, Banished Knight's Halberd, Fingerprinted Stone Shield, Grafted Dragon, Veteran's Prosthetic, Hooks, Lion's Greatbow, Underground Shortbow, Beast of the Pulley, Beast of the Full Moon, Fang of the Dog, Starscourge Greatsword, Claymore, Lord Onyx's Greatsword, Maliketh's Black Blade, Eclipse Shotel, Sword of Night and Flames, Godslayer's Greatsword, Poker of the Death, Ax of Rosus, Black Gargoyle Axe , Stars of *******, Steel- Wire Torch, Chainlink Flail, Magma Whip Buff, Jug Cannon, Blue and Gold Comet Shield, Golden Crossbow Crest Shield, Iron Shield Golden, Round Iron Shield, Beastman Jar Shield, Spiral Shield

Level AIvory Scythe, Wakizashi, Calling Blade, Glintstone Kris, Astel Wing, Crystal Sword, Carian Knight's Sword, Royal Greatsword, Ruins Greatsword, Magma Blade, Blasphemy Blade, Shadowmoon Greatsword, Executioner's Sword Marai, Spiked Caestus, Dragon Halberd, Loretta's War Scythe, Halo Scythe, Great Turtle Shell, Beast Crest Heater Shield, Carian Knight's Shield, Blue Crest Heater Shield, Brass Shield, Kite Shield, Dragonclaw Shield, Visage Shield, One- Eyed Shield, Chainlink Flail, Nightrider's Flail, Giant's Red Braid, Twin Knightswords, Eleonora's Antler Blade, Devourer's Scepter, Great Dragonclaw, Troll Hammer, Nox Fluid Hammer, Serpent Bone Blade, Meteor Ore Blade, Nagakiba, Cleaver, Great Winged Horn, Golem Great Bow, Harp Bow, Erd Tree Great Bow, Crepus' Key Black Crossbow, Longbow, Glintstone Azure's Staff, Meteor Staff, Queen's Demihuman Staff, Partisan, Crystal Spear, Clean Rotten Spear, Clayman's Harpoon,

download gransax, Inquisitor's Weathervane

Level BMercy, Cinquedea, Malenia's Hand, Godfrey's Axe, Ghiza's Wheel, Marika's Hammer, Beastclaw Great Hammer,

Battle Hammer, Brick Hammer, Ring Finger, Peeler of Divine Skin, Twin Gargoyle Blade, Torch Rod, Pike, Rotten Crystal Spear, Royal Scepter of Carian, Staff of Gelmie Glinstone, Gargoyle Halberd, Haligtree Crest Greater Shield, Hound's Claws, Redtwig Shortbow, Horned Bow, Crossbow Soldier, Albinauric Bow, Bloody Helix, Ant Tow, Helphen Steeple, Holy Relic Sword, Inseparable Sword, AxGodrick, Ice Axe, Hoslow's Petal Whip, Frost Ridge Shield, Riveted Wood Shield, Icon Shield

Level CReduvia, Scorpion Stinger, Poison Fang, Night Rider's Glaive, Grave Scythe, Rift Shield, Blue and White Wooden Shield, Hand Ballista, Beast Repelling Torch, Prelate's Inferno Staff, Great Club, Envoy's Longhorn, Great Mace, Great Stars, Recurved Cadgel, Dragonscale Blade, Rusty Anchor, Composite Bow, Heavy Crossbow, Bloody Helix, Ant Spur Rapier, Helpen's Steeple, Holy Relic Sword, Endless Sword, Digger Staff, Winged Spear, Simple Twin Sword
level DParrying Dagger, Celebrant's Sickle, Bloody Dagger, Greatbow, Arbalest, Jawbone Axe, Highland Axe, Sacrificial Axe, Monk's Flamemace, Simple Hammer, Stone Club, Varre's Bouquet, Short Spear, Iron Spear, Celebrant's Rib Rake, Simple Glintstone Staff, Prince Death's Staff, Staff of the Guilty, Staff of Loss, Plain Torch, Shield of the Wooden Scriptures, Round Shield with Red Thorns, Scythe, Spear of the Guardian's Blade, Sword of the Hook with Claws, Greatsword of the Grafted Blade, Cleaver of Omen, Magma Wyrmscale Sword, Scimitar , Falchion, Scavenger's Curved Sword, Fluid Curved Sword, Mantis Blade, Greatsword, Sword of Saint Trina, Sword of the Alabaster Lord
Level ELight Bowgun, Serpent Bow, Zweihander, Dismounter, Shotel, Broadsword, Iron Greatsword, ******* Sword, Forked Greatsword, Banished Knight's Greatsword, Flamberge, Gargoyle Greatsword, Katar, Star Fist, Claws Raptor's, Golem's Halberd, Commander's Sword Banner, Roquel, Wooden Shield with Flame Shield, Wooden Shield with Hawk Shield, Spiral Horn Shield, Guilty Shield, Smoldering Shield, Pillory Shield, Perfumer's Shield, Crystal Staff, Bright Staff, Spear Barbed, Winged Horn, Stormhawk Axe, Celebrant's Cleaver, Sword Ripple, Morning Star, Mace, Celebrant's Skull, Giantslayer
Level FGreat knife, flat dagger, erd steel dagger, short bow, black bow, forked axe, crooked axe, hand axe, iron blade, battle axe, club, pointed club, war pick, spear, albinauric staff, staff Carian Glintblade, Simple Flail, Simple Whip, Tattered Shield, Greatleather Shield, Tattered Leather Shield, Wooden Shield with Flame Crest, Greater Briar Shield, Greater Wooden Shield, Simple Halberd, Plagueglaive, Lucerne, Wavy Crescent Halberd, Saw Vulgar Militia, Vulgar Militia Shotel, Scythe, Cipher Paw, Grabbed Bone, Iron Ball, Caestus, Maliketh's Black Blade, Longsword, Morgott's Cursed Sword, Lordsworn's Straight Sword, Curve Sword of Zamor, Short Sword, Ornamental Straight Sword, Reed Sword, Frozen Spire, Antspur Rapier, Knight's Greatsword, Sword of Milos
Elden Ring Weapon Rank: All weapons ranked (1)

Dagger Level List

Daggers are the most prominent weapon players are likely to encounter in their early Elden Ring games. While daggers offer limited range, the gap is bridged with their relatively fast attack speed and decent crit damage. These qualities allow the weapon to deliver destructive thrusts and blows.

If your game strategy includes some sneaky plans like backstabbing enemies or parrying, daggers might be the best option for you. These weapons can be used with various Ashes of War accessories, allowing players to make variable and more powerful combinations to suit the needs of the battlefield.

However, the restriction is that onlyReduceDaggers can only be used because they have a combination combo skill: Reduvia Blood Blade. However, a tiered ranking of all the different daggers based on their damage stats is:

Elden Ring Daggers tier list
Level Sblack knifeglass knife
Level AIvory Scythe, Wakizashi, Call Blade, Glintstone Kris
Level BMercy, Cinquedeia
Level CReduvia, scorpion sting
level DParrying Dagger, Celebrant's Scythe, Bloody Dagger
Level E
Level FGreat Knife, Simple Dagger, Erdsteel Dagger

Glintstone Pentagram Level List

Are you a fan of casting sorcerer spells on enemies? An Eldin Glintstone ringGuysis essential for this. Staves don't equip any superior abilities other than being the only weapon type that supports magic spells (withholy seals, clear). So don't forget to combine them with a secondary or tertiary weapon to help your character survive in the arena. read ourElden Ring spell tier listto get more familiar.

Additionally, Glintstone Staves cannot be affected by War Ash. However, Spears can! Spears are another main type of weapon available in Eldin Ring. The weapon helps players fight inside a vault.meleevary.

Elden RingGlintstoneStaves Tier List
Level SGlintstone Research Rod,astrologerStaff, Academy Glintstone Staff
Lusat Shining Stone Staff, Rotten Crystal Staff
Level AAzure Glintstone Staff, Meteor Staff, Demi-Human Queen's Staff
Level BRoyal Scepter of Caria, Rod of Gelmie Glinstone,
Level Cexcavator staff
level DSimple Glintstone Staff, Staff of the Prince of Death, Staff of Guilty, Staff of Loss
Level ECrystal Staff, Brightstone Staff
Level FAlbinauric Staff, Glintblade Carian Staff

Spear tier list

If you are looking for theEldin Ring best melee weapon, so spears are great options. As mentioned above, you can modify a spear's abilities and damage potential any way you like while wielding the Ashes of War.

Elden Ring Spears
Level SGirandole do Inquisidor, Ritual Spear of Death, Cross-Naginata
Level APartisano, Crystal Spear, Cleanrot Spear, Clayman's Harpoon,
download gransax, Inquisitor's Weathervane
Level BTorch Pole, Pike, Rotten Crystal Spear
Level Cwinged spear
level DShort spear, iron spear, celebrant's rib rake
Level Ebarbed spear
Level FSpear

Twin Blades Tier List

Another type of spear and staff weapon that is very famous in the Eldin Ring for its slashing attack is the Twinblade. Though difficult to manoeuvre, the weapon can be used with one or two hands to give it a more significant advantage over the opposition. If you like hitting multiple targets at once, the Twinblades are for you.

Elden Ring Twinblades Tier List
Level SBlackblade the Gargoyle
Level Atwin knight swords,Leonorahorn blade
Level BGodskin Peeler, Twin Gargoyle Sword
Level Csingle twin blade
level D
Level E
Level F

Tier list of hammers, warhammers and other colossal weapons

Both hammers and warhammers are designed to deal powerful but slow attacks that can deal significant damage to Elden Ring enemies andbosses.

Both weapons are especially vital against enemies with solidshieldsor those dressed in first-rate guard attire. However, to use Warhammers to their fullest, players must gather a highForceStatistics

This is not necessary in the case of hammers, as they deal slightly less impactful damage than warhammers; so if you don't have enoughForcestatistics, resort only to hammers.

Just like Hammers and Warhammers, Elden Ring also carries a bunch of higher impact weapons calledcolossal weapons🇧🇷 They are bulky, club-like weapons capable of causing significant destruction against enemies. However, they are not very fast and can leave you vulnerable if your opponent is faster.

(Video) The New MOST POWERFUL Weapons Tier List - Best Str Dex Int Faith & Arcane Weapons in Elden Ring!

The hammers, warhammers and all colossal weapons in the Elden Ring area can be synced with Ashes of War for other mods.

Elden Ring Hammers, Warhammers e armas colossais
Level SScepter of the Omniscient, Cranial Vessel Luster, Jaw of the Shooting Star Beast
Level AScepter of the Devourer, Claw of the Great Dragon, Troll Hammer, Fluid Nox Hammer
Level BGodfrey's Axe, Ghiza's Wheel, Marika's Hammer, Beastclaw Great Hammer,
Battle Hammer, Brick Hammer, Ring Finger
Level CPrelate's Infernal Staff, Great Mace, Envoy's Longhorn, Great Mace,
Big stars, curved club
level DMonk's Flaming Mace, Simple Hammer, Stone Mace, Sweeping Branch
Level EMorning Star, Mace, Celebrant's Skull, Gianr-Crusher
Level FClub, spiked club, war spike

Katana tier list

This type of weapon in Elden Ring is a specialist in mid-range combat that is efficient enough to perform devastating thrusting and slashing attacks. In addition, in many cases, katanas can help to cause the famous bleeding status effect, which can cause considerable and irreparable damage to enemies. Read more about it atThe best katanas in Elden Ring.

Katanas also have a very different moveset, attracting more players to their uniqueness. The weapon is open to mods using various Ashes of War, which can change its abilities or even damage type! For players who always admire a more extensive customization option, Katanas could be the right choice.

Elden Ring Katanas Tier List
Level SMoon Veil, Rivers of Blood,Date
Level ASerpent Bone Blade, Meteor Ore Blade, Nagakiba
Level Bhand ofLittle
Level Cdragon scale blade
level D
Level E
Level F

Axis Level List

Axes in Eldin Ring work the same as outside Eldin Ring. They are big and heavy, as is their damage. Axes can be wielded with one hand and offer a wide range of attacks, even those difficult to wield with other weapons.

Axes are especially useful if the Eldin Ring PvP meta, and therefore are better for melee combat. Like most weapon types in the game, axes can also be modified to the player's preference using Ashes of War.

Elden Ring Axes
Level SRossus Axe, Gargoyle Black Axe
Level ACleaver, Great Winged Horn
Level BGodrick's Axe,frozen macho
Level Crusty anchor
level DMachado Jawbone, Machado Highland, Machado Sacrificial
Level EWinged Greathorn, Stormhawk Axe, Cleaver do Celebrant, Wavy Blade
Level FForked Axe, Warped Axe, Hand Axe, Iron Cleaver, Battle Ax

bow tier list

With these ranged weapons, players can seize the opportunity to inflict massive damage on the opponent's side, even from a considerable distance. This quality also compensates for the disadvantages ofbows: No on-call protection against immediate retaliation. By the way, we did a separate article onBest ranged weapons Elden Ring, so be sure to check that out too.

As bows cannot be wielded without a lot of arrows, be sure to equip your character with substantial reserves of arrows before starting a game of Eldin Ring. Additionally, bows cannot be modified with Ashes of War; so keep in mind that it needs to be combined with pre-built damage skills.

Elden Ring Bows
Level SLion Greatbow, Wicked Shortbow, Pulley Crossbow, Full Moon Crossbow
Level AGolem Greatbow, Harp Bow, Erd Tree Greatbow, Crepus Black Key Crossbow, Longbow
Level BRed Twig Shortbow, Horn Bow, Soldier's Crossbow, Albinauric Bow
Level CCompound Bow, Heavy Crossbow
level DGreat Bow, Arbalist
Level ELight Crossbow, Serpent Bow
Level Fshort bow, black bow

Sword tier list

The swords in Eldin Ring include the subtypes: straight swords,great swordsand curved swords. Straight swords do a lot of damage to bosses and enemies alike, as they are great at delivering a great balance of lunging and slashing attacks at the same time. You may want to read our separate review viaArticle about the best sword in Elden Ring.

These swords are more of a basic sword, so don't expect anything more fascinating from them than what normal swords are supposed to do. When combined with a powerful shield, straight swords allow players to enjoy quick attacks after blocking.

Greatswords are also proficient at dealing lethal damage to enemies, much more so than straight swords. However, you must deal with his mobility issue, as it leaves players vulnerable to opponent strikes.

However, with high risk comes high reward, as you can blast huge numbers of bosses and enemies with a single swing of your greatsword.

Last but not least, curved swords are just as powerful as the longsword and pose absolutely no risk of vulnerability as they have no mobility issues. They are much faster at launching slash attacks than many other melee weapons in Elden Ring. Not sure how to deal with super flashy enemies? Equip yourself with the ultimate greatsword and off you go!

Straight swords, greatswords, and curved swords can all be synced with Ashes of War for more skill and damage type changes.

Elden Ring Swords (all types)
Level SHound's Fang, Starscourge's Greatsword, Claymore, Onyx Lord's Greatsword, Maliliketh's Blackblade, Eclipse Shotel,night blade,y Flame, Greatsword of the Godslayer, Poker of Death
Level AAstel Wing, Crystal Sword, Carian Knight's Sword, Royal Greatsword, Ruins Greatsword,magma sheet, Blasphemous Blade, Dark Moon Greatsword, Marai Executioner's Sword
Level BBloody Helice, Antspur Rapier, Steeple of Helphen, Holy Relic Sword, Inseparable Sword
Level CBloody Helice, Antspur Rapier, Steeple of Helphen, Holy Relic Sword, Inseparable Sword
level DGrafted Blade Greatsword, Cleaver of Omens, Magma Wyrmscale Sword,Scimitar, Falchion, Scavenger's Curved Sword, Flowing Curved Sword, Praying Mantis Blade, Greatsword, Saint Trina's Sword, Alabaster Lord's Sword
Level EZweihander, Dismounter, Shotel, Broadsword, Iron Greatsword, ******* Sword, Forked Greatsword, Banished Knight's Greatsword, Flamberge, Gargoyle Greatsword
Level FBlack Sword of Maliketh, Long Sword, Cursed Sword of Morgott, Straight Sword of Lordsworn, Curved Sword of Zamor, Short Sword, Straight Ornamental Sword, Reed Sword, Frozen Needle, Anthill Rapier, Knight's Greatsword, Sword of Milos

Fists and Claws Level List

Fists and claws are similar types of weapons in Eldin Ring that are equipped in both hands to deal maximum damage in close quarters combat. Weapons allow players to make quick attacks that quickly eliminate enemies from the battlefield.

Both are lightweight equipment that are often combined withAbilityBuild for more incredible and impactful damage results. Additionally, Claws and Fists can be used with Ashes of War for customization.


Elden Ring Fists and Claws
Level SGrafted Dragon, Veteran's Prosthesis,hooks
Level Apointed gloves
Level BGarras of Bloodhoud
Level CVenom Catch
level Dhook claws
Level EKatar, Starfist, Raptor Claws
Level FCipher Paw, Clinging Bone, Iron Ball, Luvas

Halberds and Reapers tier list

Halberd allows the player to maintain a safe distance from enemies while dealing moderate damage. He does this by combining sweeping attacks and direct strikes. Reapers, on the other hand, also combine a unique sweeping moveset with their ranged potential.

Halberd and Reapers are particularly good at hiding some damage behind strong shields if they are skillfully balanced with right angles and spacing.

Elden Ring Halberds and Reapers
Level SGolden Halberd, Winged Scythe, Black Gargoyle Halberd,Banished Knight's Halberd, Fingerprint stone shield
Level ADragon Halberd, Loretta's War Sickle, Halo Scythe
Level BGargoyle Halberd, Great Shield of Haligtree Crest
Level CGlaive the Nightrider, Gravescythe
level DScythe, Sword Spear of Guardian
Level EHalberd of the Golem, Banner of the Commander
Level FSimple Halberd, Plagueglaive, Lucerne, Wavy Crescent Halberd, Vulgar Militia Saw, Vulgar Militia Shotel, Scythe

List of shield levels

While not great at dealing damage, as it's not an attacking weapon, shields are a perfect way to defend against deadly attacks thrown by your enemies. The more efficient the shield you use, the more chances you have to survive the Elden Ring battle. Shields are mainly equipped in the left hand, but there is no restriction on keeping them in the other hand.

Elden Ring Shields
Level SBlue and Gold Kite Shield, Golden Beast Crest Shield, Golden Iron Shield, Round Iron Shield, Beastman Jug Shield, Spiral Shield
Level AGreat Turtle Shell, Beast Crest Heating Shield, Carious Knight Shield, Blue Crest Heating Shield, Brass Shield, Kite Shield, Dragon Claw Shield, Appearance Shield, Blind Shield
Level BIce ridge shield, riveted wooden shield, icon shield
Level CRift Shield, Blue-White Wooden Shield
level DWooden Shield of Scripture, Round Shield of Red Thorns
Level EShield, Wooden Flame Shield, Hawk Shield Wooden Shield, Spiral Horn Shield, Guilty Shield, Smoldering Shield, Beak Shield, Perfumer Shield
Level FTattered Shield, Leather Greatshield, Tattered Leather Shield, Flamecrest Wooden Shield, Briar Greatshield, Wooden Greatshield

Ballista tier list

As the name suggests, the crossbows in Eldin Ring are ballistic equipment that fire giant arrows to deflect the enemy's stance, making them vulnerable to future attacks. It can destroy even the strongest shields or protective suits the enemy or boss might be wearing.

If you like to fight from a safe distance and also don't want to compromise on damage stats, Ballistas is an excellent choice for you. These ranged weapons can synergize with many Ashes of War to match your playstyle.

Ballistae, the ancient ring
Level Sjug cannon
Level A
Level B
Level Chand crossbow
level D
Level E
Level F

Elden Ring List of other weapon tiers

He never-FinishingEldin Ring's list of weapon types also includes mighty flails, blazing torches, magic chant holy seals, and sharp whips.Mayalesare ranged devices that are slow but can damage opponents with unique power strikes.

Next are the whips. They are fast but the damage they do is very moderate and won't do much against a boss or giant enemy. However, you can still use it against minors! Torch, on the other hand, is also known to do minor damage. However, if you choose a powerful torch, it can even burn a bulky enemy.

For fans of sorcery, the creators of the Elden Ring make Sacred Seals available. It's like the Glintstone cane and the molds.charmshead off.

Elden Ring Flails, Whips, Torches and Holy Seals
Level S******* stars, steel wire torch, chain link flail, magma whip buff
Level AChainlink Flail, Night Knight's Flail, Giant's Red Braid
Level BHoslow's Petal Whip
Level CBeast Repelling Torch
level Dsimple torch
Level E
Level Fsimple flail, simple whip

Top 5 Elden Ring Weapons You Must Have

Elden Ring Weapon Rank: All weapons ranked (2)

Now that you know which weapon is more valuable than the others, it's time for us to highlight the picks that we think are best and can be easily equipped early in the game. They are:

Hound's Fang: Best Sword

Once you've outrun Leonine Misbegotten in Castle Morne, the Eldin Ring will unlock the fascinating and very powerfulGrafted Blade Greatsword🇧🇷 This would be his first experience of being welcomed by a super tough weapon and very rewarding. However, you'll instantly forget about its charm once you encounter the best of them all - Bloodhound's Fang.

The Bloodhound Fang is a great curved sword that houses very high mobility stats, ranging from aerial attacks to incredible wide sweeping actions. He is so powerful and fast that he makes the player feel like an acrobat, jumping and spinning his armored limbs. The weapon has exceptional passive bleed on board along with impressive splash damage.

The weapon scales primarily with Dexterity and Strength. It is an excellent sword to launch deadly melee attacks against bosses and enemies and instantly evade them. Bloodhound's Fang also equips unique weapon abilities not found on any other item in the Eldin Ring arena, even with the help of the customization granted by Ashes of War.

Moon Veil: Best Katana

Moonveil is the most powerful Katana we've encountered on the battlefield of Elden Ring so far. You can easily find this weapon after beating the Magma Wyrm Boss in the Gael Tunnel in Caelid.

This device is remarkably strong, possessing the most robust war ash of any weapon. Moonveil's Transient Moonlight ability fires an illuminating beam of light whenever the player is inflicted by the enemy's attack, performing a follow-up attack in return.

Quickly draw the blade for an instant slashing attack, allowing the player to land a critical hit. The very famous bleed status effect (an enormously severe damage dealt against enemies) is another treat that Moonveil offers. Read more viaConstruction of Moon Veil Katana.

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Banished Knight's Halberd: Best Halberd

Are you struggling with crowd control? Well, your misery won't last long with the Halberd of the Banished Knight in your weapons arsenal. It's one of the most powerful crown-checking devices you can get early in the game, which requires an immense amount of swing power.

When synchronized with the correctwar ashesLike Spinning Strikes, it transforms the player into an irresistible brute force equipped with halberds. Like the Hound's Fang, this weapon scales primarily with Dexterity and Strength.

The banished knight's halberd can even restrict projectiles launched by the opponent. To find this weapon, you need to get to the Whispering Peninsula location in Castle Morne.

Reduvia: Best Dagger

Talking about dexterity and losing the Dagger weapon category in Elder Ring will be a little unfair. Especially now, when the already long collection of daggers has increased even further after the Ancient Ring recently added units of intricate design. One such design is also the Reduvia Dagger.

Reduvia is a sturdy looking attacking weapon ideal for players who admire ranged and melee damage all in one weapon. He is fast and has a unique ability called Blood Blades, which shoots increasing charges of blood. Reduvia also offers decent critical damage stats and a fast attack rate and can throw strong slashes.

The summoning requirements demanded by Reduvia aren't great either, making this weapon an option for beginning players. You can find Reduvia along the river that leads to the dark caverns of the Eldin Ring.

Cipher Paw: Best Punch

While not as powerful in terms of dealing damage as the swords, daggers, and katanas we've just seen, the Cipher Pata Fist Weapon is definitely one of the best gadgets in the Elden Ring realm.

Cipher Pata easily attaches itself to the player's wrist, opening its blades constructed from ancient symbols. These blades are thrown forward to slice through the enemy's skin. the scales of weaponsFaith, up to 30 of them, which is incredibly large to get through the first few matches of Elden Ring, but if scaled up, it could be an excellent New Game Plus weapon.

Cipher Pata can be found in the Elden Ring after defeating Mad Tongue Alberich in the main chamber of Roundtable Hold.

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List Criteria

A weapon's effectiveness and in-game performances are the essential criteria that our team has been following for each Weapon Tier List and Elden Ring Weapon Tier List without any difference. We don't advocate ranged or melee picks, but only those that performed well across the board.

Learning curves, physical damage stats, critical damage rate, and overall power were all considered before each weapon was placed into its proper ratings.

These are the basic criteria for classifying all weapons in Elden Ring

  • Level S:It includes all the great weapons that are the best options for the current meta. They all have great damage stats and summon buffs. They fit the character's style well and go well with other equipment.
  • Level A: Solid options, but not as powerful as top-tier weapons. They will be important for dealing damage to enemies with their decent physical damage stats.
  • Level B:Good weapons, but not vital toeach building🇧🇷 Which means you have to carefully match it to the characters in use and the environment you're playing in to get the best out of these weapons. For niche-specific use, B-tier weapons are just as powerful as S-tier options.
  • Level C:Weapons of this tier are considered medium options for players. They are neither very good nor terrible and are therefore assigned to the middle of the pack.
  • level D: These options are a little on the bad side of being called averages. While some may shine for niche-specific uses, not all work very well.
  • electronic level:Weak weapons that will only work well if combined with a good build and a powerful character.
  • Level F: While not the worst, weapons in this category seem too weak to be used against weapons located at higher levels. These weapons lack impressive damage stats. However, if paired with a matching build, Tier E weapons might work a little better.

Classification based on experience and research

As stated above, only individual weapon performance and stats helped us determine a yardstick by which we rank Elden Ring weapons in a tier list format. Being professional players, we also infused our experience of playing Elden Ring to come up with the best ladder possible.

We've tested almost all of the units discussed in the levels discussed above and have been using them for quite some time in various arenas, modes and meta of Elden Ring, with different configurations so that each niche can be served to our knowledge included in this list of levels. 🇧🇷Additionally, we'd like to give credit to all authoritative sources and other veteran Elden Ring players, whom we consulted for popular opinions and preferences.

why trust us

We've been following Elden Ring and its updates since the game was first announced until today when it was finally released. Throughout this affiliation, we have not lost the nerf and buff of a single weapon, and therefore we are confident in the ranking that we have created with our experience.

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Our ranking factor and selected Elden Ring weapon tier list are not only derived from our in-game experience, but also from web help and the preferences of casual and professional players alike.

However, the tier list has always been a subjective matter, so our ranking may not be entirely related to your position. With that said, our overall weapon rating and guide are open for further discussion in the comments below.

We understand that a huge collection sounds exciting and you can't resist getting into battle; it also makes the task of acquiring weapons a bit daunting. Don't worry. Keep reading our Elder Ring weapon tier list and we'll walk you through all the nitty-gritty details on every weapon. Keep in mind that all of these weapons are classified as Elden Ring; so if you want theElden Ring Best Weapons, we have a different guide.

What are the weapons in Elden Ring?

Weapons are offensive equipment used to deal damage to strong Elden Ring enemies and bosses. There are a total of 309 weapons in Elden Ring, which includes some weapons we've seen before in previous Souls games. They can be operated with one or two hands.

There are many types of weapons, but the most sought after weapons that many players want to acquire are thesouvenirWeapons These legendary weapons are dropped by bosses and demigods in the game and can give you many advantages and benefits during combat.

Also, you can change the damage type of any weapons by using Ashes Of War on them. They can be equipped in Sight Of Grace. Some of the best weapons on our tier list are ones with a higher damage type in Elden Ring.

final verdict

Elden Ring is a gaming masterpiece, full of interesting things to do around. The Tarnished can spend hours adventuring through a dozen dungeons and secret chambers, strange but brutal enemies, and much more. In addition to these items, there is also a huge variety of weapons that Elden Ring has for its players.Weapons in Elder Ring are as important as any other.born of soulsor an RPG, but with a surprisingly extensive collection, choosing weapons wisely is even more critical.

The game features unique weapons and some taken from previous Souls games. The game provides the player with up to 30 different types of weapons, each with a wide range of subtypes.Although gamers have not yet determined the exact number of subtypes, since Eldin Ring has just opened its horizons to the inhabitants of the gaming realm, we can at least let you know which category will allow you to create the best fit.arsenalfor you.

Also, as some enemies tend to lack certain damage types, and each weapon type in Elden Ring has its own unique damage output, it's vital that you learn about each of them thoroughly.So our Eldin Ring weapon hierarchy should help you choose the best main weapon type in the game. Each category has a separate subweapon classification, so you can easily find what's best for your playstyle.

Our Elden Ring weapon tier list and guide to some of the best options you can have in your early game walks you through everything you need to know. So what are you waiting for? Go and unleash the vibrant fields of the Elden Ring with the most up-to-date weapon information we've just brought you!

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Can you max all weapons Elden Ring? ›

Each play through you can upgrade 8 special and 13 normal weapon to the maximum level (level 10 for special and 25 for normal). Though you can eventually upgrade to the previous level (level 9 for special and 24 for normal) any number of weapon in each play-through. As you can later buy upgrades materials.

How many weapons should you level up in Elden Ring? ›

The Elden Ring max weapon level is 25. At +25, weapons can no longer be upgraded. That weapon has then reached its most powerful form, with its attack and other stats at the maximum. Once +25 has been achieved, it's time to invest resources into other weapons, preferably those with a different type of attack.

What weapon has the highest DPS in Elden Ring? ›

Top 5 Highest Damage Strength Weapons in Elden Ring
  • 4) Ruins Greatsword.
  • Attack Rating = 857 (303 + 554)
  • 3) Heavy Greatsword.
  • Attack Rating = 874 (349 + 525)
  • 2) Prelate's Heavy Inferno Crozier.
  • Attack Rating = 918 (332 + 586)
  • 1) Heavy Giant-Crusher.
  • Attack Rating = 947 (330 + 617)
22 Mar 2022

What is the hardest hitting sword in Elden Ring? ›

The Sacred Relic Sword is the best sword utilizing Holy damage. It's obtained by defeating the final boss of the game, the Elden Beast, and by trading the Elden Remembrance with Enia at Roundtable Hold. It requires 14 Strength, 24 Dexterity, and 22 Faith to wield. It also has the impressive skill, Wave of Gold.

Can you 99 everything in Elden Ring? ›

An Elden Ring player manages to max out all eight stats in the game to level 99 and shares the strategy used to accomplish this task. Elden Ring allows gamers to fully customize their builds according to their play style.

Why is 713 max level in Elden Ring? ›

Hitting the level cap in Elden Ring is a pretty lofty goal, as it will require players to farm a total of 1,692,558,415 runes. Although the level cap being 713 might seem a bit arbitrary at first, it is due to the fact that players cannot level up any of their stats beyond 99.

Is it worth fully upgrading weapons Elden Ring? ›

Upgrading weapons in FromSoftware's Elden Ring can massively improve them. Players should upgrade certain weapons right away.

What's a good strength level Elden Ring? ›

Attributes in Elden Ring tend to have diminishing returns as you raise them further, and most stats have multiple soft caps that mark drastic drops in the gains from each level. Strength has a significant soft cap at around level 55, so push up to 60 to use the Giant-Crusher and then focus on raising your Endurance.

How many smithing stones does it take to Max a weapon Elden Ring? ›

From the chart, you can see that for any given upgrade tier, you will need 12 stones of each type to reach the next upgrade tier (excluding the final tier for a +25 weapon).

Should I max out stats in Elden Ring? ›

Needless to say, most Elden Ring players aren't going to hit the level cap, but they should still be able to do and see everything in the game. Elden Ring is a tough game, but one does need to max out all their stats and hit the level cap to conquer it.

What is the most OP class in Elden Ring? ›

An Elden Ring player shows off some serious martial prowess with the Samurai starting class when facing one of the game's most notorious threats. Elden Ring is not an easy game by any stretch of the imagination.

What is the most powerful Armour in Elden Ring? ›

The Lionel's Set is the toughest suit of armor in Elden Ring. It's simply the best armor you can get if you want to face-tank hits without flinching with a good balance of defense and poise. This set will let you swing a greatsword into enemies regardless of the attacks they throw at you.

How high can you plus a weapon Elden Ring? ›

Normal Armaments

Can be upgraded to +25 using Smithing Stones.

How many times can I upgrade weapons in Elden Ring? ›

The max upgrade limit you can reach for normal weapons is +25.

How many max flasks can you have in Elden Ring? ›

The highest potency of the restorative effect is +12. Golden Seeds are used to increase Flask of Crimson Tears' and Flask of Cerulean Tears number of uses: You need 1 Seed for upgrades increasing to 6 total Flasks. You need 2 Seeds for upgrades increasing to 8 total Flasks.


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